Bullet and Position

Set indent, spacing, and alignment options for numbering symbols, such as numbers or bullets, to ordered and unordered lists.

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Från menylisten:

In a selected text, choose Format - Bullets and Numbering.

Från kontextmenyn:

In a selected text, choose Bullets and Numbering.

Från gränssnittet med flikar:

On the Home tab, long click on Ordered or Unordered list, select Customize.

Från verktygslisterna:

Bullets and Numbering dialog Icon

Bullets and Numbering

Default bullet Default numbering

Long click and select Customize.

Från sidopanelen:

On the Lists deck of Properties panel, long click on Ordered or Unordered list, select Customize.


Select the level(s) that you want to modify. To apply the options to all the levels, select “1-10”.



Select the type of list. Unordered with character bullet, unordered with graphics bullet, or ordered with a numbering scheme of your choice.


Select the character for the unordered list.

Start at

For ordered lists, select the value of first item of the list.


Select the color of the list characters for ordered and unordered lists. Color does not apply for lists with graphic bullets.


For ordered lists, set the text to display before and after the numbering scheme.


Enter the text to display before the numbering.


Enter the text to display after the numbering.


Set the size of the character and graphic bullets with respect to the paragraph font size.


Enter the width of the graphic bullet character.


Enter the height of the graphic bullet character.

Keep ratio

Check this box to preserve the height-to-width ratio of the graphic bullet.

Rel. Size

For character unordered and ordered lists, set the relative size of the list character. The relative size applies to the Before and After text as well.



Enter the distance from the left edge of the containing object to the start of all lines in the list.


Enter or select the width of the list element.


The combined total length of Before, After and the numbering characters may override the width setting.


Relative to the upper list level. The entered value is added to that of this field in the level before. If “Indent: 20mm” on list level 1 and “Indent: 10mm Relative” on list level 2 will result in an effective indent of 30mm for level 2.


Select the alignment of the ordered list numbering contents inside the list Width setting.


Applies the modification to the whole .


Applies the modification to the selection.

Apply to Master

Click to apply the modification to all that use the current master .


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