AllmÀnna kortkommandon i LibreOffice

Symbolen Info

Vissa kortkommandotangenter kan vara tilldelade ditt datorsystem. Tangenter som Àr tilldelade datorsystemet Àr inte tillgÀngliga för LibreOffice. Pröva att tilldela olika tangenter antingen för LibreOffice i Verktyg - Anpassa - Tangentbord eller i ditt datorsystem.

Utföra kommando direkt med hjÀlp av tangentkombinationer

A great deal of your application's functionality can be called up by using shortcut keys. For example, the shortcut keys are shown next to the Open entry in the File menu. If you want to access this function by using the shortcut keys, press and hold down and then press the O key. Release both keys after the dialog appears.

Du kan vÀlja mellan att anvÀnda musen eller tangentbordet för nÀstan alla funktioner.

Entering Unicode Characters

You can enter arbitrary Unicode characters in the document typing the Unicode hexadecimal code point and then pressing (default). Type the Unicode hexadecimal notation and press to toggle between the Unicode character and its hexadecimal notation. Selection is not necessary but the conversion will apply to the selected characters. Toggling occurs on the characters prior to the cursor position when these characters form a valid Unicode hexadecimal point. Hexadecimal code points with value in the range U+0000 to U+0020 are not converted.

The default Unicode conversion shortcut is and in some locales where the default Unicode shortcut interferes with the main menu shortcut. To reassign the shortcut, choose Tools > Customize > Keyboard and select Category:Options with Function:Toggle Unicode Notation.

Dialogstyrning med tangentkombinationer

There is always one element highlighted in any given dialog - usually shown by a broken frame. This element, which can be either a button, an option field, an entry in a list box or a check box, is said to have the focus on it. If the focal point is a button, pressing Enter runs it as if you had clicked it. A check box is toggled by pressing the Spacebar. If an option field has the focus, use the arrow keys to change the activated option field in that area. Use the Tab key to go from one element or area to the next one, use Shift+Tab to go in the reverse direction.

Pressing Esc closes the dialog without saving changes.

Tangenter i kombination med musoperationer

If you are using drag-and-drop, selecting with the mouse or clicking objects and names, you can use the keys Shift, and occasionally to access additional functionality. The modified functions available when holding down keys during drag-and-drop are indicated by the mouse pointer changing form. When selecting files or other objects, the modifier keys can extend the selection - the functions are explained where applicable.

Praktiska textinmatningsfÀlt

  1. PÄ en snabbmeny hittar du de mest anvÀnda kommandona.

  2. Use +A to select the entire text. Use the right or left arrow key to remove the selection.

  3. NÀr du dubbelklickar pÄ ett ord markeras det.

  4. NÀr du trippelklickar markeras hela innehÄllet.

  5. Use +Del to delete everything from the cursor position to the end of the word.

  6. By using and right or left arrow key, the cursor will jump from word to word; if you also hold down the Shift key, one word after the other is selected.

  7. INSRT is used to switch between the insert mode and the overwrite mode and back again.

  8. Du kan anvÀnda dra-och-slÀpp i och utanför en textruta.

  9. The +Z shortcut keys are used to undo modifications one step at a time; the text will then have the status it had before the first change.

  1. LibreOffice has an AutoComplete function which activates itself in some text and list boxes. For example, enter into the URL field and the AutoComplete function displays the first file or first directory found that starts with the letter "a".

  2. Use the Down Arrow key to scroll through the other files and directories. Use the Right Arrow key to also display an existing subdirectory in the URL field. Quick AutoComplete is available if you press the End key after entering part of the URL. Once you find the document or directory you want, press Enter.

Avbryta makron

If you want to terminate a macro that is currently running, press +Shift+Q.

Lista över allmÀnna tangentkombinationer i LibreOffice

The shortcut keys are shown on the right hand side of the menu lists next to the corresponding menu command.

Kortkommandon för att kontrollera dialogrutor




Activates the focused button in a dialog.


Avslutar ÄtgÀrden eller stÀnger dialogrutan. Om du arbetar i hjÀlpen för LibreOffice: du flyttas upp en nivÄ.


VĂ€xlar fokus mellan olika kryssrutor i en dialogruta.


Ändrar det aktiva kontrollfĂ€ltet i ett alternativavsnitt i en dialogruta.


Flyttar fokus till nÀsta omrÄde eller element i en dialogruta.


Flyttar fokus till föregÄende avsnitt eller objekt i en dialogruta.


Opens the list of the control field currently selected in a dialog. These shortcut keys apply not only to combo boxes but also to icon buttons with pop-up menus. Close an opened list by pressing the Esc key.

Kortkommandon för att kontrollera dokument och fönster




Öppnar ett dokument.


Sparar det aktuella dokumentet.


Skapar ett nytt dokument.


Opens the Templates dialog.


Skriver ut dokument.


Aktiverar verktygsraden Sök.


Öppnar dialogrutan Sök och ersĂ€tt.


Söker efter det senast angivna sökordet.


Ritar om dokumentvyn.


Aktivera eller inaktivera markören för textmarkering i skrivskyddad text.

I LibreOffice-hjÀlpen: hopp till översiktssidan.


Turns on Extended Tips for the currently selected command, icon or control.


Sets focus in next subwindow, for example, document/data source view.


StÀller in fokus i det tidigare underfönstret.


Activates the first menu (File menu).


Öppnar snabbmenyn.


Shows/hides main menu.

+F4 eller +F4

Closes the current document. Closes LibreOffice when the last open document is closed.


Avslutar programmet.

Kortkommandon för att redigera eller formatera dokument




Vid placering i början av en rubrik infogas ett tabulatortecken.

Retur (om ett OLE-objekt Àr markerat)

Aktiverar det markerade OLE-objektet.

Retur (om ett ritobjekt eller textobjekt Àr markerat)

Aktiverar textinmatningslÀge.


Klipper ut markerade objekt.


Kopierar markerade objekt.


Klistrar in frÄn urklipp.


Klistrar in oformaterad text frÄn Urklipp. Texten klistras in med det format som anvÀnds vid infogningspunkten.


Öppnar dialogrutan Klistra in special.


Markerar allt.


Ångrar den senaste Ă„tgĂ€rden.

ÅterstĂ€ller den senaste Ă„tgĂ€rden.


Upprepa senaste kommando.


The "Italic" attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also marked in italic.


The "Bold" attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also put in bold.


The "Underlined" attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also underlined.


Removes direct formatting from selected text or objects (as in Format - Clear Direct Formatting).

Kortkommandon i galleriet




Flyttar mellan omrÄden.


Moves backwards between areas.

Shortcut keys in the New Theme area of the Gallery:




Flyttar markeringen uppÄt.


Flyttar markeringen nedÄt.


Opens the Properties dialog.


Öppnar en snabbmeny.


Uppdaterar det markerade temat.


Öppnar dialogrutan Ange namn.


Raderar det markerade temat.


Inserts a new theme.

Shortcut keys in the Gallery Preview area:




Hoppar till den första posten.


Hoppar till den sista posten.


Markerar nÀsta gallerielement till vÀnster.


Markerar nÀsta gallerielement till höger.


Markerar nÀsta gallerielement ovanför.


Markerar nÀsta gallerielement under.

Page Up

Scrolls up one screen.

Page Down

Scrolls down one screen.


Infogar det markerade objektet som ett lÀnkat objekt i det aktuella dokumentet.


Infogar en kopia av det markerade objektet i det aktuella dokumentet.


Öppnar dialogrutan Ange namn.


VĂ€xlar mellan temavy och objektvy.


VĂ€xlar mellan temavy och objektvy.


VĂ€xlar mellan temavy och objektvy.

Step backward (only in object view).

VÀxlar tillbaka till huvudöversikt.

Selecting Rows and Columns in a Database Table (opened by +Shift+F4 keys)




VÀxlar radmarkering, utom nÀr raden befinner sig i redigeringslÀge.


Toggles row selection.


Selects the current column.


Moves pointer to the first row.


Moves pointer to the last row.

Kortkommandon för ritobjekt



Select the toolbar with F6. Use the Down Arrow and Right Arrow keys to select the desired toolbar icon and press +Enter.

Infogar ett ritobjekt.

Select the document with +F6 and press Tab.

Markerar ett ritobjekt.


Markerar nÀsta ritobjekt.


Markerar föregÄende ritobjekt


Markerar det första ritobjektet.


Markerar det sista ritobjektet.


Avslutar markering av ritobjekt.

Esc (i handtagsmarkeringslÀge)

Exits Handle Selection Mode and return to Object Selection Mode.

Pil uppÄt/nedÄt/Ät vÀnster/Ät höger

Moves the selected point (the snap-to-grid functions are temporarily disabled, but end points still snap to each other).

+pil uppÄt/nedÄt/Ät vÀnster/Ät höger

Moves the selected drawing object one pixel (in Selection Mode).

Resizes a drawing object (in Handle Selection Mode).

Rotates a drawing object (in Rotation Mode).

Opens the properties dialog for a drawing object.

Aktiverar punktmarkeringslÀge för det markerade ritobjektet.


Selects a point of a drawing object (in Point Selection mode) / Cancel selection.

Den markerade punkten blinkar en gÄng per sekund


Selects an additional point in Point Selection mode.


Selects the next point of the drawing object (Point Selection mode).

In Rotation mode, the center of rotation can also be selected.


Selects the previous point of the drawing object (Point Selection mode)


Ett nytt ritobjekt av standardstorlek placeras i centrum av den aktuella vyn.

+Enter at the Selection icon

Aktiverar det första ritobjektet i dokumentet.


Leaves the Point Selection mode. The drawing object is selected afterwards.

Edits a point of a drawing object (Point Edit mode).

Valfri texttangent eller numerisk tangent

VÀxlar till redigeringslÀge nÀr ett ritobjekt markeras och placerar markören i slutet av ritobjektets text. Ett utskrivbart tecken infogas.

-tangenten medan du skapar eller skalar ett grafiskt objekt.

Objektets mittpunkt behÄller samma position.

Skift-tangenten medan du skapar eller skalar ett grafiskt objekt

Objektets bredd/höjd-proportioner bevaras.

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