Here you can switch between different selection modes.

NÀr du klickar pÄ ett fÀlt sÄ visas en popup-meny med de tillgÀngliga alternativen:




This is the default selection mode for text documents. With the keyboard, selections can be performed by Shift+navigation key (arrows, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down). With the mouse, click in the text where the selection is to start, hold the left mouse button and move to the end of the selection. Release the mouse key to end selection.

Utökning av markering (F8)

By using the arrow keys or the Home and End keys you can extend or crop the current selection. Clicking into the text selects the text between the current cursor position and the click position.

Additiv markering (Skift+F8)

En ny markering lÀggs till den befintliga markeringen. Resultatet Àr en multimarkering.

Block selection (+Shift+F8)

Ett textblock kan markeras.

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