This menu provides drawing page management and navigation commands.

New Page

Inserts a blank page after the selected page.

Duplicate Page

Inserts a copy of the current page after the current page.

Insert /Objects from File

Gör det möjligt att infoga hela filen eller specifika element i filen.

Rename Page

Set a new name for the page.

Radera Sida

Delete the current page.

Save Background Image

Saves the background image of the current .

Set Background Image

Set the image background of the .


Sets page orientation, page margins, background and other layout options.

Master Page

Displays the Available Master Slides dialog, where you can select a layout scheme for the current page. Any objects in the page design are inserted behind objects in the current page.

New Master

Delete Master

Master background

Master Objects

Master Elements


Page Navigation

Opens a sub-menu for page navigation.

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