Using Databases in LibreOffice Base

In LibreOffice Base, you can access data that is stored in a wide variety of database file formats. LibreOffice Base natively supports some flat file database formats, such as the dBASE format. You can also use LibreOffice Base to connect to external relational databases, such as databases from MySQL or Oracle.

The following database types are read-only types in LibreOffice Base. From within LibreOffice Base it is not possible to change the database structure or to edit, insert, and delete database records for these database types:

Using a Database in LibreOffice

The Database Wizard helps you to create a database file and to register a new database within LibreOffice.

Symbolen Info

The database file contains queries, reports, and forms for the database as well as a link to the database where the records are stored. Formatting information is also stored in the database file.

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