The Tools menu contains commands to check spelling, to trace sheet references, to find mistakes and to define scenarios.

Du kan också skapa och tilldela makron och konfigurera tangentbord, utseende på verktygslister och menyer, samt ange standardalternativ för LibreOffice-program.


Kontrollerar stavning manuellt.

Automatic Check Spelling

LibreOffice can automatically check spelling while you type and underline possible misspelled words with a red wavy line.


Use the thesaurus to look up synonyms or related terms.


Öppnar en undermeny där du kan välja språkspecifika kommandon.

Alternativ för autokorrigering

Anger alternativen för automatisk ersättning av text medan du skriver.


Redacting documents blocks out words or portions of a document for authorized use or viewing.


Use automatic redaction to define words and patterns that are automatically marked for redaction.


Allows you to attach URLs to specific areas, called hotspots, on a graphic or a group of graphics. An image map is a group of one or more hotspots.


Öppnar en dialogruta där du kan lösa en ekvation med en variabel.


Opens the Solver dialog. A solver allows you to solve mathematical problems with multiple unknown variables and a set of constraints on the variables by goal-seeking methods.


Det här kommandot aktiverar tabelldetektiven. Med detektiven kan du spåra underordnade nivåer från den aktuella formelcellen till cellen i tabellen.


Defines a scenario for the selected sheet area.

Forms Submenu

Contains commands for activate form design mode, enable/disable control wizards and insert form controls in your document.

Share Spreadsheet

Sharing a spreadsheet allows several users to open the same file for editing at the same time.

Skydda dokument

The Protect Sheet or Protect Spreadsheet Structure commands prevent changes from being made to cells in the sheets or to sheets in a document. As an option, you can define a password. If a password is defined, removal of the protection is only possible if the user enters the correct password.


Låter dig spela in och redigera makron.

Development Tools

Inspects objects in LibreOffice documents and shows supported UNO services, as well as available methods, properties and implemented interfaces.


The Extension Manager adds, removes, disables, enables, and updates LibreOffice extensions.


Customizes LibreOffice menus, context menus, shortcut keys, toolbars, and macro assignments to events.


Det här kommandot öppnar en dialogruta där du kan anpassa programkonfigurationen.

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