External Links

Inserts data from an HTML, Calc, CSV or Excel file into the current sheet as a link. The data must be located within a named range.

Så här använder du det här kommandot...

Choose Sheet - External Links.

URL för extern datakälla.

Enter the URL or the file name that contains the data that you want to insert, and then press Enter. Alternatively, click Browse button to select the file name from a file dialog that opens. Only then will the URL be requested from the network or file system.

Symbolen Info

A dialog for CSV data import appears when linking to external CSV file.

Tillgängliga tabeller/områden

Select the table or the data range that you want to insert. If the selected Calc or Excel document contains no named range, spreadsheet data cannot be inserted and OK button will remain inactive

Uppdatering var

Ange hur många sekunder det ska dröja innan externa data laddas om i det aktuella dokumentet.

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