If...Then...Else Statement

Defines one or more statement blocks that you only want to execute if a given condition or expression is True.


If...EndIf statement

ElseIf fragment

Else fragment

  If condition Then 
  [{ElseIf|Else If} expression Then
  {EndIf|End If}

Instead of Else If you can write ElseIf, instead of End If you can write EndIf.


If statements can be shortened to one line when using single statement blocks.

  If condition Then statement [Else statement]


The If...Then statement executes program blocks depending on given conditions. When LibreOffice Basic encounters an If statement, the condition is tested. If the condition is True, all subsequent statements up to the next Else or ElseIf statement are executed. If the condition is False, and an ElseIf statement follows, LibreOffice Basic tests the next expression and executes the following statements if the condition is True. If False, the program continues either with the next ElseIf or Else statement. Statements following Else are executed only if none of the previously tested conditions were True. After all conditions are evaluated, and the corresponding statements executed, the program continues with the statement following EndIf.

Du kan sammanflÀta flera If...Then-satser.

Else-satser och ElseIf-satser Àr valfria.


Du kan anvÀnda GoTo och GoSub för att hoppa ut ur ett If...Then-block, men inte för att hoppa in i en If...Then-struktur.


Följande exempel visar hur du anger utgÄngsdatum för en produkt, och bestÀmmer om utgÄngsdatum har passerat.

Sub ExampleIfThenDate
    Dim sDate As String
    Dim sToday As String
    sDate = InputBox("Ange utgĂ„ngsdatum (MM.DD.ÅÅÅÅ)")
    sDate = Right$(sDate, 4) + Mid$(sDate, 4, 2) + Left$(sDate, 2)
    sToday = Date$
    sToday = Right$(sToday, 4)+ Mid$(sToday, 4, 2) + Left$(sToday, 2)
    If sDate < sToday Then
        MsgBox "UtgÄngsdatumet har varit"
    ElseIf sDate > sToday Then
        MsgBox "UtgÄngsdatumet har inte varit"
        MsgBox "UtgÄngsdatumet Àr i dag"
    End If
End Sub

Select Case statement

Iif or Switch functions

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