Positioning Objects

You can use anchors to position an object, graphic, or frame in a document. An anchored item remains in place, or moves when you modify the document. The following anchoring options are available:



Si karakter

Anchors the selected item as a character in the current text. If the height of the selected item is greater than the current font size, the height of the line containing the item is increased.

To center an image on an HTML page, insert the image, anchor it "as character", then center the paragraph.

Tek karakteri

Anchors the selected item to a character.

Tek paragrafi

Anchors the selected item to the current paragraph.

Tek faqja

Anchors the selected item to the current page.

Në kornizë

Anchors the selected item to the surrounding frame.

When you insert an object, graphic, or frame, an anchor icon appears where the item is anchored. You can position an anchored item by dragging the item to another location. To change the anchoring options of an item, right-click the item, and then choose an option from the Anchor submenu.

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