Form Navigation Bar

The Form Navigation bar contains icons to edit a database table or to control the data view. The bar is displayed at the bottom of a document that contains fields that are linked to a database.

You can use the Form Navigation bar to move within records as well as to insert and to delete records. If data is saved in a form, the changes are transferred to the database. The Form Navigation bar also contains sort, filter, and search functions for data records.

Tip Icon

You can use the Navigation bar icon on the More Controls bar to add a Navigation bar to a form.

Note Icon

The Navigation bar is only visible for forms connected to a database. In the Design view of a form, the Navigation bar is not available. See also Table Data bar.

You can control the view of data with the sorting and filtering functions. Original tables are not changed.

The current sort order or filter is saved with the current document. If a filter is set, the Apply Filter icon on the Navigation bar is activated. Sorting and filtering features in the document can also be configured in the Form Properties dialog. (Choose Form Properties - Data - properties Sort and Filter).

Note Icon

If an SQL statement is the basis for a form (see Form Properties - tab Data - Data Source), then the filter and sort functions are only available when the SQL statement refers to only one table and is not written in the native SQL mode.

Shënim absolut

Shows the number of the current record. Enter a number to go to the corresponding record.

Shënimi i parë


Takes you to the first record.

Shënimi i kaluar


Takes you to the previous record.

Shënimi tjetër


Takes you to the next record.

Shënimi i fundit


Takes you to the last record.

Ruaje shënimin


Saves a new data entry. The change is registered in the database.

Zhbëj: Futjen e të Dhënave


Allows you to undo a data entry.

Shënim i ri


Creates a new record.

Fshije shënimin


Deletes a record. A query needs to be confirmed before deleting.


Refreshes the displayed data. In a multi-user environment, refreshing the data ensures that it remains current.



Find Record

Searches database tables and forms. In forms or database tables, you can search through data fields, list boxes, and check boxes for specific values.

Find Record Icon

Gjej Shënimin...

Sort Ascending

Text fields are sorted alphabetically, numerical fields are sorted by number.

Icon Sort Ascending

Klasifiko në Rritje

Sort Descending

Text fields are sorted alphabetically, number fields are sorted by number.

Icon Sort Descending

Klasifiko në Zbritje


Filters the records, based on the content of the currently selected data field.



Form-based Filters

Prompts the database server to filter the visible data by specified criteria.


Filtër i bazuar në formular


Specifies the sort criteria for the data display.

Sort Order Icon

renditja e klasifikimit

Reset Filter/Sorting

Cancels the filter settings and displays all of the records in the current table.


Reset Filter/Sorting

Data source as table

Activates an additional table view when in the form view. When the Data source as table function is activated, you see the table in an area above the form.


Burimi i të Dhënave si Tabelë

Apply Filter

Switches between the filtered and unfiltered view of the table.


Apliko filtrin

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