Table Data Bar

Use the Table Data bar to control the data view.

The filtered data view is active until you change or cancel the sorting or filtering criteria. If a filter is active, the Apply Filter icon on the Table Data bar is activated.

Save Record

Saves the current database table record. The Save Record icon is found on the Table Data bar.


Ruaje shënimin

Edit Data

Turns the edit mode for the current database table on or off.


Edito të dhënat


Reverses the last command or the last entry you typed. To select the command that you want to reverse, click the arrow next to the Undo icon on the Standard bar.


Zhbëj: Futjen e të Dhënave

Find Record

In forms or database tables, you can search through data fields, list boxes, and check boxes for specific values.

Find Record Icon

Gjej Shënimin...


Refreshes the displayed data. In a multi-user environment, refreshing the data ensures that it remains current.

Icon Refresh


Sort Order

Specifies the sort criteria for the data display.

Sort Order Icon

renditja e klasifikimit

Sort Ascending

Text fields are sorted alphabetically, numerical fields are sorted by number.

Icon Sort Ascending

Klasifiko në Rritje

Sort Descending

Text fields are sorted alphabetically, number fields are sorted by number.

Icon Sort Descending

Klasifiko në Zbritje


Filters the records, based on the content of the currently selected data field.

Icon AutoFilter


Apply Filter

Switches between the filtered and unfiltered view of the table.

Icon Form Filter

Apliko filtrin

Standard Filter

Allows you to set the filtering options.


Filtër Standard

Reset Filter/Sorting

Cancels the filter settings and displays all of the records in the current table.


Reset Filter/Sorting

Data to Text

Inserts all fields of the marked record into the current document at the cursor position.


Të dhënat në tekst...

Data to Fields

Updates the contents of the existing database fields by the marked records. The Data to Fields icon is only available if the current document is a text document.


Të dhënat në fusha...

Mail Merge

Starts the Mail Merge Wizard to create form letters.


Bashkangjitje me të dhëna

Data Source of Current Document

Displays, in the data source browser, the table that is linked to the current document.


Burimi i te dhenave i dokumentit aktual

Explorer On/Off

Turns on and off the view of the data source explorer. The Explorer On/Off icon is visible on the Table Data bar.


Explorer Po/Jo

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