The Fontwork toolbar opens when you select a Fontwork object.

Galeria e fonteve

Icon Fontwork Gallery

Opens the Fontwork Gallery where you can select another preview. Click OK to apply the new set of properties to your Fontwork object.

Forma e fonteve

Icon Fontwork Shape

Opens the Fontwork Shape toolbar. Click a shape to apply the shape to all selected Fontwork objects.

Madhësi e njëjtë e fontit

Icon Fontwork Same Letter Height

Switches the letter height of the selected Fontwork objects from normal to the same height for all objects.

Mbështetja e fonteve

Icon Fontwork Alignment

Opens the Fontwork Alignment window.

Click to apply the alignment to the selected Fontwork objects.

Hapësira e karaktereve të fontit

Icon Fontwork Character Spacing

Select the character spacing values to apply to the Fontwork object.

Custom: Opens the Fontwork Character Spacing dialog where you can enter a new character spacing value.

Value: enter the Fontwork character spacing value.

Toggle Extrusion

Icon Toggle Extrusion

Switches the 3D effects on and off for the Fontwork objects.

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