HTML Export - Page 1

On the first page you can select an existing design or create a new one.

The settings you select for the export will be automatically saved as a design for other exports. You can enter the design name after clicking Create.

To access this command...

LibreOffice Draw or LibreOffice Impress menu File - Export, select HTML file type, page 1 of the wizard.

Dizajni i sllajdit

In this area, you can choose to create a new design and select or delete an existing design.

If you delete a design, you will only delete the design information in the Wizard. An export file will not be deleted by this action.

Dizajni i sllajdit

Creates a new design in the next pages of the Wizard.

Dizajni i sllajdit

Loads an existing design from the design list to use as a starting point for the steps to follow on the next pages of the Wizard.

Kryerresht i listës

Displays all existing designs.

Ngarko dizajnin e sllajdit

Deletes the selected design from the design list.

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