Select the options for automatically correcting errors as you type, and then click OK.

To access this command...

Choose Tools - AutoCorrect Options - Options tab.

Përdor tabelën zëvendësuese

If you type a letter combination that matches a shortcut in the replacement table, the letter combination is replaced with the replacement text.

Korrigjo DY SHKronjat e PAra të mëdha

If you type two uppercase letters at the beginning of a "WOrd", the second uppercase letter is automatically replaced with a lowercase letter.


No corrections are made to entries found in an applicable spelling dictionary.

Bën shkronjë të madhe shkronjën e parë në çdo fjalë.

Capitalizes the first letter of every sentence

Automatic *bold*, /italic/, -strikeout- and _underline_

Automatically applies bold, italic, strikethrough or underline formatting to text enclosed by asterisks (*), slashes (/), hyphens (-), and underscores (_), respectively. These characters disappear after the formatting is applied.

Note Icon

This feature does not work if the formatting characters * / - _ are entered with an Input Method Editor.

URL njohje

Automatically creates a hyperlink when you type a URL.

Zëvendëso vijat lidhëse

Replaces one or two hyphens with a long dash (see the following table).

Text will be replaced after you type a trailing white space (space, tab, or return). In the following table, the A and B represent text consisting of letters A to z or digits 0 to 9. N represents digits only.

Teksti që përshkruan formatin.

Result that you get:

Hapësirë e barabartë

Linjë vizë/pikë

Hapësirë e barabartë

Linjë vizë/pikë

Hapësirë e barabartë

A—B (A, em-dash, B)
(see note below the table)

N--N (N, minus, minus, N)

N–N (N, en-dash, N)

A-B (A, minus, B)

A-B (unchanged)

Hapësirë e barabartë

A -B (unchanged)

A --B (A, hapësirë, minus, minus, B)

Linjë vizë/pikë


If the text has the Hungarian or Finnish language attribute, then two hyphens in the sequence A--B are replaced by an en-dash instead of an em-dash.

Tabet dhe hapësirat

Replaces two or more consecutive spaces with a single space.

Correct accidental use of cAPS LOCK key

Inverts a capitalized word entered with the Caps Lock key enabled, after a space is entered, and disables the Caps Lock key. For example, entering Libre with Caps Lock enabled appears as lIBRE, which is converted automatically to Libre.

Dialog Buttons


Resets modified values back to the tab page previous values.


Closes dialog and discards all changes.


Saves all changes and closes dialog.

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