Asian Typography

Set the typographic options for cells or paragraphs in Asian language files. To enable Asian language support, choose Languages and Locales - General in the Options dialog box, and then select the Enabled box in the Asian language support area. The Asian typography options are ignored in HTML documents.

To access this command...

Choose Format - Paragraph - Asian Typography tab (not in HTML).

Choose View - Styles - open context menu of an entry and click New/Edit Style - Asian Typography tab.

Change Line Color

Set the options for line breaks in Asian language documents.

Zbato listën e karaktereve të ndaluara në fillim dhe në fund të rreshtit

Prevents the characters in the list from starting or ending a line. The characters are relocated to either the previous or the next line. To edit the list of restricted characters, choose - Languages and Locales - Asian Layout.

Pikëzim i varur në fund të rreshtit

Prevents commas and periods from breaking the line. Instead, these characters are added to the end of the line, even in the page margin.

Apply spacing between Asian and non-Asian text

Inserts a space between ideographic and alphabetic text.

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