Choose the text attributes that you want to search for. For example, if you search for the Font attribute, all instances of text that do not use the default font are found. All text that has a directly coded font attribute, and all text where a style switches the font attribute, are found.

Searching for Attributes


Select the attributes that you want to search for.

Duke Pulsuar

Finds characters use the Blinking attribute.

E hijezuar

Finds the Shadowed attribute.


Finds characters that use the Capital, Lowercase, Small capitals, and Title character attributes.

Falët e veçanta

Finds individual words that use the Underlined or the Strikethrough attribute.

Prapavija e shkronjës

Finds characters that use the Background attribute.

Page line-spacing

Finds the Activate page line-spacing attribute.

Hapësira në mes linjave

Finds the Line spacing (single line, 1.5 lines, double, proportional, at least, lead) attribute.


Finds any instance where the default font was changed.


Finds the Language attribute (for spelling).


Finds the Spacing (top, bottom) attribute.


Finds the Hyphenation attribute.


Finds the Orphan Control attribute.


Finds Spacing (standard, expanded, condensed) attributes and pair kerning.


Finds the Outline attribute.


Finds the Indent (from left, from right, first line) attribute.

Madhësia e Fontit

Finds the Font size/Font height attribute.

Mbaje me paragrafin tjetër

Finds the Keep With Next Paragraph attribute.


Finds the Alignment (left, right, centered, justified) attribute.

Ndaj paragrafet

Finds the Do not split paragraph attribute.

Ndalimet e tabit

Finds paragraphs that use an additional tab set.

Ngjyra e Fontit

Finds any instance where the default font color was changed.


Finds characters that use the Underlined attribute (single, double, or dotted).


Finds characters using the Normal, Superscript or Subscript attributes.


Finds the Relief attribute.

Rreshtim vertikal i tekstit

Finds the Vertical text alignment attribute.


Finds the Rotation attribute.


Finds the Scale attribute.

Stili i faqes

Finds the Break With Page Style attribute.

Trashësia e fontit

Finds the Bold or the Bold and Italic attribute.

TĂ« mbetura

Finds the Widow Control attribute.

Vendosja e fontit

Finds the Italic or the Bold and Italic attribute.

Vizuar nëpërmes

Finds characters that use the Strikethrough (single or double) attribute.

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