Removing Duplicate Values

Consider a single column with values where some may be duplicates. To remove duplicate values and obtain only the unique entries in the column:

  1. Select the range of values from which duplicate values are to be removed. The values have to be arranged in a single column.

  2. Go to Data - More Filters - Standard Filter. This opens the Standard Filter dialog.

  3. In Field Name make sure that the selected column is the column where the values are stored. If a single column is selected this field will be set automatically.

  4. In Condition choose the option = (equals sign), which is the default option.

  5. In Value choose the option Not Empty.

  6. Click Options and select No duplications. If the first value is the column header check Range contains column labels.

  7. Check Copy results and use the input box below it to inform a cell address where the unique entries are to be entered.

  8. Click OK. The unique values in the range will be entered starting with the cell selected in the previous step.


The No duplications option is case sensitive. Therefore, values "A" and "a" are each considered as unique values.

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