The Hyphenation command calls the dialog for setting the hyphenation in LibreOffice Calc.

To access this command...

Menu Tools - Language - Hyphenation.

You can only turn on the automatic hyphenation in LibreOffice Calc when the row break feature is active.

Numri minimal i karaktereve për bashkangjitje me vizë:

  1. Select the cells for which you want to change the hyphenation.

  2. Choose Tools - Language - Hyphenation.

  3. The Format Cells dialog appears with the Alignment tab page open.

  4. Mark the Wrap text automatically and Hyphenation active check boxes.

Pop-up meny për objekte të vizatimit

  1. Select a drawing object.

  2. Choose Tools - Language - Hyphenation.

  3. Each time you call the command you turn the hyphenation for the drawing object on or off. A check mark shows the current status.

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