Comparison Operators

Comparison operators compare two expressions. The result is returned as a Boolean expression that determines if the comparison is True (-1) or False (0).


Result = Expression1 { = | < | > | <= | >= } Expression2

Parametrat animues

Result: Boolean expression that specifies the result of the comparison (True, or False)

Expression1, Expression2: Any numeric values or strings that you want to compare.

Operatërot Unar/Binar

e barabartë me

më pak se

më e madhe se

më pak se ose barazi me

më e madhe se ose baraz me

jo e barabartë me


Sub ExampleUnequal
Dim sFile As String
Dim sRoot As String ' Root directory for file in and output
    sRoot = "c:\"
    sFile = Dir$( sRoot ,22)
    If sFile <> "" Then
            MsgBox sFile
            sFile = Dir$
        Loop Until sFile = ""
    End If
End Sub

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