DefStr Statement

If no type-declaration character or keyword is specified, the DefStr statement sets the default variable type, according to a letter range.


DefType statements diagram

    {DefBool|DefCur|DefDate|DefDbl|DefErr|DefInt|DefLng|DefObj|DefStr|DefSng|DefVar} {char|char-char}[,...]


char: Letter prefix that specifies default data type for variables.

char-char: Letter range prefixes that specify default data type for variables.


    ' Prefix definitions for variable types:
    DefBool b
    DefCur c,l-m
    DefDate t
    DefDbl f
    DefErr e
    DefInt i-k,N
    DefLng x-z, D
    DefObj U, o-R
    DefSng w,a
    DefStr s
    DefVar V,g

  Sub ExampleDefStr
      sStr=String ' sStr is an implicit string variable
      Print VarType(slice), strng, TypeName(sheet) ' Result is: 8 "" String
  End Sub

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