Page Style

Specify the formatting styles and the layout for the current page style, including page margins, headers and footers, and the page background.

Pre prístup k tomuto príkazu...

From the menu bar:

Choose Format - Page Style.

From the context menu:

Choose Page Style.

From the tabbed interface:

On the Layout tab, choose Page Margins or Page Size or Page Columns and click on More Options.

On the Layout menu of the Layout tab, choose Page Style.

From toolbars:

Icon Page Style

Page Style

From the keyboard:

+ Shift + P

From the status bar:

Click on the Page Style area.

From the sidebar:

Choose View - Styles () - choose Page Styles - open context menu for selected style - New/Edit Style.


Set the options for the selected style.

Allows you to define page layouts for single and multiple-page documents, as well as a numbering and paper formats.

Area (Background, Highlighting)

Nastavte možnosti výplne pre vybraný grafický objekt alebo prvok dokumentu.


Nastavte možnosti priehľadnosti pre výplň, ktorú použijete na vybraný objekt.


Adds a header to the current page style. A header is an area in the top page margin, where you can add text or graphics.


Adds a footer to the current page style. A footer is an area in the bottom page margin, where you can add text or graphics.


Sets the border options for the selected objects in Writer or Calc.


Určí počet a rozloženie stĺpcov pre štýl stránky, rámca alebo sekcie.

Poznámka pod čiarou

Určuje možnosti rozloženia pre poznámky pod čiarou, vrátane čiary, ktorá oddeľuje poznámku pod čiarou od hlavnej časti dokumentu.

Podpora Ázijských jazykov

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Languages and Locales - General.

Textová mriežka

Adds a text grid to the current page style. This option is only available if Asian language support is enabled under Languages and Locales - General in the Options dialog box.


Resets modified values on the current tab back to the values when the dialog was opened. If Apply is used before closing the dialog, then values are reset to those after the last use of Apply.


Applies modifications on all tabs without closing dialog. Cannot be reverted with Reset.


Uloží všetky zmeny a zatvorí dialógové okno.


Closes dialog and discards changes on all tabs. If Apply was used, then changes after the last use of Apply are discarded.

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