Contains commands for formatting the layout and the contents of your document.


Opens a submenu where you can choose text formatting commands.

҆t√Ĺly a Form√°tovanie

Removes direct formatting and formatting by character styles from the selection.


Changes the font and the font formatting for the selected characters.


Modifies the format of the current paragraph, such as indents and alignment.

Bullets and Numbering

Adds numbering or bullets to the current paragraph, and lets you edit format of the numbering or bullets.

Position and Size

Resizes, moves, rotates, or slants the selected object.


Sets the formatting options for the selected line.


Nastav√≠ vlastnosti v√Ĺplne vybran√©ho grafick√©ho objektu.


Nastavuje vlastnosti rozloŇĺenia a ukotvenia pre text vo vybranom grafickom alebo textovom objekte.

Slide Design

Displays the Available Master Slides dialog, where you can select a layout scheme for the current slide. Any objects in the slide design are inserted behind objects in the current slide.

Slide Layout

Opens a submenu with slide layouts.


Urńćuje ako sa dan√Ĺ objekt zachov√°, pokiańĺ na neho pońćas prezent√°cie kliknete.


Groups keep together selected objects, so that they can be moved or formatted as a single object.

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