Security Options and Warnings

Nastav√≠ moŇĺnosti t√Ĺkaj√ļce sa bezpeńćnosti a upozorŇąovania na skryt√© inform√°cie v dokumentoch.

Pre prístup k tomuto príkazu...

Press the Options button on the Security page.

The Security options and warnings dialog contains the following controls:

When saving or sending

Zvońĺte, ak chcete pri ukladan√≠ alebo odosielan√≠ dokumentu zobraziŇ• upozornenie, Ňĺe dokument obsahuje zaznamenan√© zmeny, verzie alebo koment√°re.

When printing

Zvońĺte, ak chcete pri tlańći zobraziŇ• upozornenie, Ňĺe dokument obsahuje zaznamenan√© zmeny a koment√°re.

When signing

Zvońĺte, ak chcete pri podpisovan√≠ zobraziŇ• upozornenie, Ňĺe dokument obsahuje zaznamenan√© zmeny, verzie, polia, odkazy na ńŹalŇ°ie zdroje (napr√≠klad odkazom pripojen√© oblasti alebo obr√°zky) alebo koment√°re.

When creating PDF files

Zvońĺte, ak chcete pri exporte dokumentu do form√°tu PDF zobraziŇ• upozornenie, Ňĺe s√ļ zobrazen√© zaznamenan√© zmeny alebo koment√°re.

Remove personal information on saving

Select to always remove user data from file properties, comments and tracked changes. The names of authors in comments and changes will be replaced by generic values as "Author1", "Author2" and so forth. Time values will also be reset to a single standard value. If this option is not selected, you can still remove the personal information for the current document with the Reset Properties button on File - Properties - General.

Recommend password protection on saving

Select to always enable the Save with password option in the file save dialogs. Deselect the option to save files by default without password.

-click required to follow hyperlinks

If enabled, you must hold down the key while clicking a hyperlink to follow that link. If not enabled, a click opens the hyperlink.

Block any links from documents not among the trusted locations (see Macro Security)

Blocks the use of linked images by documents not in the trusted locations defined on the Trusted Sources tab of the Macro Security dialog. This can increase security in case you work with documents from untrusted sources (e.g. the internet) and are worried about vulnerabilities in image processing software components. Blocking the use of links means that images are not loaded in untrusted documents, only a placeholder frame is visible.

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