Ur─Źuje nastavenie tla─Źiarne pre h├írky.

- LibreOffice Calc - Print defines the settings for all spreadsheets. To define settings for the current document only, choose File - Print, then click the Options button.

Pre pr├şstup k tomuto pr├şkazu...

Choose - LibreOffice Calc - Print.


Always apply manual breaks

Setting this option gives manual row breaks precedence over automatic page breaks done using the Reduce/enlarge printout scaling mode.

Potla─Źi┼ą v├Żstup pr├ízdnych str├ín

Pr├ízdne strany, ktor├ę neobsahuj├║ vyplnen├ę bunky alebo objekty kresby, sa nevytla─Źia. Atrib├║ty bunky, ako s├║ okraje alebo farby pozadia, sa nepova┼żuj├║ za obsah bunky. Pr├ízdne str├ínky sa do ─Ź├şslovania str├ínok nezapo─Ź├ştavaj├║.


Print only selected sheets

Specifies that only contents from selected sheets are printed, even if you specify a wider range in the File - Print dialog or in the Format - Print Ranges dialog. Contents from sheets that are not selected will not be printed.

Tip Icon

To select multiple sheets, click on the sheet names on the bottom margin of the workspace while keeping the key pressed.

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