In LibreOffice text and HTML documents, defines the display for certain characters and for the direct cursor.

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Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer/LibreOffice Writer/Web - Formatting Aids.

Layout Assistance

Math baseline alignment

Specifies whether Math formula objects are aligned using the text baseline as reference. Uncheck this option to be able to change the vertical position of Math objects in a paragraph.

Display formatting

Defines which formatting marks are visible on screen. Activate the Formatting Marks icon on the Standard bar. All characters that you have selected on the Formatting Aids tab page will be displayed.

Koniec odseku

Určuje, či sa má zobraziť znak konca odseku. Koniec odseku obsahuje aj informácie o formáte odseku.

Soft hyphens

Specifies whether soft hyphens (called also as optional or discretionary hyphens) are displayed. These are hidden user-defined delimiters that you enter within a word by pressing Words with soft hyphens are only separated at the end of a line at the point where a soft hyphen has been inserted, irrespective of whether the automatic hyphenation is activated or deactivated.


Určuje, či sa majú medzery v texte zobrazovať ako bodka.

Nezalomiteľná medzera

Specifies that non-breaking spaces are shown as gray boxes. Non-breaking spaces are not broken at the end of a line and are entered with the shortcut keys.


Určuje, či sa majú tabulátory zobrazovať ako malé šípky.


Zobrazí všetky zalomenia riadkov, ktoré bola vložené klávesovou skratkou Shift + Enter. Takéto zalomenie vytvorí nový riadok, ale nezačne nový odsek.

Hidden characters

Displays text that uses the character format "hidden", when View - Formatting Marks is enabled.


Specifies that bookmark indicators are shown. | indicates the position of a point bookmark. [ ] indicates the start and end of a bookmark on a text range.


The following controls appear only for Writer documents, not for HTML documents.

Protected Areas

Enable cursor

Určuje, že môžete do zamknuté oblasti umiestniť kurzor, ale nemôžete v nej robiť zmeny.

Direct cursor

Defines all the properties of the direct cursor.

Priamy kurzor

Aktivuje priamy kurzor. Túto funkciu môžete aktivovať aj kliknutím na ikonu Prepnúť režim priameho kurzoru na paneli nástrojov alebo voľbou príkazu Upraviť - Režim priameho kurzoru v textovom dokumente.


Defines the insert options for the direct cursor. If you click at any position in your document, a new paragraph can be written or inserted exactly at this position. The properties of this paragraph depend on the selected option. You can select from the following options:


When the direct cursor is used, as many tabs as necessary are added in the new paragraph until the clicked position is reached.

Tabs and Spaces

When the Direct Cursor is used, a corresponding number of tabs and spaces are inserted in the new paragraph as necessary until the clicked position is reached.


When the direct cursor is used, spaces are added in the new paragraph until the clicked position is reached.

Ľavý okraj odseku

When the direct cursor is used, the left paragraph indent is set at the horizontal position where you click the direct cursor. The paragraph is left aligned.

Zarovnanie odseku

Sets the paragraph alignment when the direct cursor is used. Depending on where the mouse is clicked, the paragraph is formatted left aligned, centered or right aligned. The cursor before the mouse-click shows, by means of a triangle, which alignment is set.


All insert options refer only to the current paragraph generated with the Direct Cursor.

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