Miestne ponuky tabuliek

The context menu of the table container offers various functions that apply to all database tables. To edit a particular table within the database, select the corresponding table and open its context menu.

Pre prístup k tomuto príkazu...

In a database file window, click the Tables icon.

Note Icon

Depending on the context, it is possible that not all the functions for your current database will be listed in the context menus. For example, the Relationships command for defining relationships between various tables is only available with relational databases.

V z√°vislosti na pouŇĺitom datab√°zovom syst√©me sa v miestnej ponuke zobrazia n√°sleduj√ļce poloŇĺky:


Use the Open command to open the selected object in a new task.

Ak je tabuńĺka otvoren√°, m√°te pr√≠stup k niektor√Ĺm funkciam k √ļprave d√°t.


Tento pr√≠kaz otvor√≠ okno N√°vrh vzŇ•ahu, kde je moŇĺn√© nastaviŇ• vzŇ•ahy medzi r√īznymi tabuńĺkami datab√°zy.

Vytvoriҕ odkaz

This command can be activated if an object is selected. A link named "Link to xxx" (xxx represents the name of the object) will be created directly in the same directory as that of the selected object.

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