Bunky vo formáte meny

In LibreOffice Calc you can give numbers any currency format. When you click the Currency icon Icon in the Formatting bar to format a number, the cell is given the default currency format set under - Language Settings - Languages.

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Výmena dokumentov LibreOffice Calc medzi používateľmi môže viesť k nedorozumeniam, ak dokument zLibreOffice Calcu načíta používateľ s iným východiskovým formátom meny.

V LibreOffice Calc je možné nastaviť formát čísla "1,234.50 €", ktorý zostane v Eurách i po otvorení v inej zemi.

You can change the currency format in the Format Cells dialog (choose Format - Cells - Numbers tab) by two country settings. In the Language combo box select the basic setting for decimal and thousands separators. In the Format list box you can select the currency symbol and its position.

  1. For example, if the language is set to "Default" and you are using a german locale setting, the currency format will be "1.234,00 €". A point is used before the thousand digits and a comma before the decimal places. If you now select the subordinate currency format "$ English (US)" from the Format list box , you will get the following format: "$ 1.234,00". As you can see, the separators have remained the same. Only the currency symbol has been changed and converted, but the underlying format of the notation remains the same as in the locale setting.

  2. If, under Language, you convert the cells to "English (US)", the English-language locale setting is also transferred and the default currency format is now "$ 1,234.00".

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