Specifies the elements to be included in the printout of all sheets with the current Page Style. Additionally, you can set the print order, the first page number, and the page scale.

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Choose Format - Page - Sheet tab.


Defines which elements of the spreadsheet are to be printed.

Hlavička stĺpcov a riadkov

Specifies whether you want the column and row headers to be printed.


Prints out the borders of the individual cells as a grid. For the view on screen, make your choice under - LibreOffice Calc - View - Grid lines.


Prints the comments defined in your spreadsheet. They will be printed on a separate page, along with the corresponding cell reference.


Includes all inserted objects (if printable) and graphics with the printed document.


Prints the charts that have been inserted into your spreadsheet.


Includes all drawing objects in the printed document.


Prints the formulas contained in the cells, instead of the results.

Nulové hodnoty

Specifies that cells with a zero value are printed.

Poradie strán

Defines the order in which data in a sheet is numbered and printed when it does not fit on one printed page.

Zhora nadol, potom vpravo

Prints vertically from the left column to the bottom of the sheet.

Zľava doprava, potom nadol

Prints horizontally from the top row of the sheet to the right column.

Číslo prvej strany

Select this option if you want the first page to start with a number other than 1.

Enter the number of the first page.


Defines a page scale for the printed spreadsheet.

Mód nastavenia mierky

Select a scaling mode from the list box. Appropriate controls will be shown below the list box.

Zväčšiť/zmenšiť tlač

Specifies a scaling factor to scale all printed pages.

Faktor nastavenia mierky

Enter a scaling factor. Factors less than 100 reduce the pages, higher factors enlarge the pages.

Prispôsobiť oblasť(ti) tlače šírke/výške

Specifies the maximum number of pages horizontally (width) and vertically (height) on which every sheet with the current Page Style is to be printed.

Width in pages

Enter the maximum number of pages to be printed horizontally across.

Height in pages

Enter the maximum number of pages to be printed vertically stacked.

Prispôsobiť oblasť(ti) tlače počtu strán

Specifies the maximum number of pages on which every sheet with the current Page Style is to be printed. The scale will be reduced as necessary to fit the defined number of pages.

Počet dní

Enter the maximum number of pages to be printed.

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