Merge and Center Cells

This is a toggleable control that joins all cells in a rectangular selection into a single cell, or returns merged cells to the original individual cells. When merging it will format the merged cell as center aligned.

The control is shown toggled-on whenever there are merged cells in the selection, indicating that clicking the control will unmerge those cells.


Zlúčenie buniek môže viesť k chybám počítania vo vzorcoch tabuľky.

Pre prístup k tomuto príkazu...

From the menu bar:

Choose Format - Merge and Unmerge Cells - Merge and Center Cells.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Home - Merge and Center Cells.

From toolbars:

Icon Merge and Center Cells

Merge and Center Cells

Cells cannot be merged again without first unmerging them.


Merging a cell selection that partially includes merged cells is generally possible with Unmerge Cells followed by Merge Cells, without altering the initial selection. The result will be largely depend on previous choices when merging cells made with the Merge Cells Dialog options described below.

Multiple selection is not supported, that is, the selection must be rectangular.

The merged cell receives the name and content of the first cell of the selection.

If more than one cell to be merged has content the Merge Cells dialog opens.

Merge Cells Dialog Options

Three options are available:

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