Rnd Function

Vráti náhodné číslo medzi 0 a 1.


Rnd [(Výraz)]

Návratová hodnota:



Expression: Has no effect, is ignored if provided.

The Rnd function returns decimal fractions ranging from 0 (included) to 1 (excluded) according to a uniform distribution. It uses the Mersenne Twister 19937 random-number generator. To generate random integers in a given range, use a formula like in the example below. A Randomize statement with a defined seed value can be used beforehand, if a predictable sequence of numbers is desired.

Error codes:

5 Neplatné volanie procedúry


Sub ExampleRandomSelect
Dim iVar As Integer
    iVar = Int((15 * Rnd) -2)
    Select Case iVar
        Case 1 To 5
            Print "Číslo je od 1 do 5"
        Case 6, 7, 8
            Print "Číslo je od 6 do 8"
        Case Is > 8 And iVar < 11
            Print "Väčšie ako 8"
        Case Else
            Print "Mimo rozsahu 1 až 10"
    End Select
End Sub

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