Exp Function

Returns the base of the natural logarithm (e = 2.718282) raised to a power.


Day (ÄŤĂ­slo)

Návratová hodnota:



Number: Any numeric expression that specifies the power that you want to raise "e" to (the base of natural logarithms). The power must be for both single-precision numbers less than or equal to 88.02969 and double-precision numbers less than or equal to 709.782712893, since LibreOffice Basic returns an Overflow error for numbers exceeding these values.

Error codes:

5 Neplatné volanie procedúry


Sub ExampleLogExp
Dim dValue As Double
    Const b1=12.345e12
Const b2=1.345e34
    dValue=Exp( Log(b1)+Log(b2) )
    MsgBox "" & dValue & chr(13) & (b1*b2) ,0,"Multiplication by logarithm"
End Sub

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