Deerri Gaxa

The Status Bar contains information about the current document and offers various buttons with special functions. You can click on most status bar items to open a related dialog window.

Page Number

The current page number is displayed in this field of the status bar. A click opens "Go to Page", with which you can navigate in the document. A right-click shows all bookmarks in the document. Click a bookmark to position the text cursor at the bookmark location.

Qaalu Kiiro

Counts the words and characters, with or without spaces, in the current selection and in the whole document. The count is kept up to date as you type or change the selection.

XaaQooli Akati

Displays the current Page Style. Double-click to edit the style, right-click to select another style.


Displays the language for the selected text. Click to open a menu where you can choose another language for the selected text or for the current paragraph.

Surkote Gara

Displays the current insert mode. You can toggle between INSRT = insert and OVER = overwrite.

Doorate Gara

Switches between different selection modes.

Bortajete Soorro

If changes to the document have not yet been saved, a "*" is displayed in this field on the Status bar. This also applies to new, not yet saved documents.

Dijitaale Malaate

Click to start digital signature process. You must have a digital certificate to complete the process. See also Digital Signatures.

Xaaddino Leella

Baqqado bortajere xaa taje leellishanno.

Kee'misa & Illachi Ofollo

Borreessaanchu Deerri Gaxi aana sasu qorqoraasine borrokki bortajera kee'misanna illachu ofollo fajjitanno.

Illachi ofollo gurayidi widinni qiniiti widira leellishanno: Mittu caccafote moodde. Illachu moodde qoolu ledo midaado midaadoho. Maxaafu moodde lamu qoola fanamino maxaafi gede asse.

Kee'misate isilaadere roore qoola leellishshanno gede assate gura qolte goshooshi, qoolu geeshsha asse kee'misatenna qoolunniha shiimiidi darga leellishate qiniitira goshooshshi.


Xaa qooli kee'mishshi reqeccishshaano badanno.

Click this field to open the Zoom dialog, where you can change the current zoom factor.

Right-click to open the context menu on this field to see a selection of available zoom factors.

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