Hajajo surkate, muccisate, borrote bortaje giddonni shae hunate leellishanno.

Insert Table

Haaro shae surki


Opens a submenu with the following command options:

Rows Above

Insert a row above the row where the cursor is currently placed.

Rows Below

Insert a row below the row where the cursor is currently placed.


Opens dialog box for inserting rows.

Columns Before

Inserts a column before the column where the cursor is currently placed.

Columns After

Inserts a column after the column where the cursor is currently placed.


Opens dialog box for inserting columns.


Opens a submenu with the following command options:

Haawiittaamma xuruurra

Doorantinota haawiittaamma xuruurra hunanno.


Doorantino caccafoota hunanno.


Deletes the current table.


Opens a submenu with the following command options:


Selects the current cell.

Haawiittaamma xuruura

Xaaha haawiittaamo xuruura dooranno.


Xaa caccafo dooranno.


Xaa shae dooranno.


Opens a submenu with the following command options:

Haawiittaamu xuruuri Hojja

Haawiittaamu xuruuri hojja soorrate dandaattowa haawiittaamu xuruuri hojja hasaawa fananno.

Minimal Row Height

Adjust the row height for selected row(s) so that the tallest content in each selected row fits exactly.

Co'itte Haawiittaamu xuruuri Hojja

Set row height for selected table rows so that each row has the same height as the row with the tallest content.

Haawiittaamu xuruuri Hojja taashshite tuqisi

Adjust the height of the selected rows to match the height of the tallest row in the selection.

Column Width

Caccafote baqo soorrate dandaattowa Caccafote baqo hasaawa fananno.

Minimal Column Width

Co'itte Caccafote Baqo

Adjust column widths among columns with selected cells, according to the paragraph length in each selected cell. Widen the table, up to page width, if necessary.

Caccafoota taashshite tuqisi

Adjust the width of selected table columns so that each column has the same width. The table width and unselected columns remain unchanged.

Bisiccota Makisi

Combines the contents of the selected cells into a single cell, retaining the formatting of the first cell in the selection.

Bisiccoota Faci

Displays the Split Cells Dialog where the split can be defined as either horizontally or vertically and the number the each cell will be split into.

Shae Makisa

Combines two consecutive tables into a single table. The tables must be directly next to each other and not separated by an empty paragraph.

Shae Faci

Xaaha woy muli kawi shae wirsu ofollowa lamewa facce lame shae ikkanno assi. Qolteno tenne hajajo shaete bisicco giddo qiniiteenni qiphisatenni assa dandaatto.

Protect Cells

Doorantino bisiccota amado woyeesatenni woy haaroonsatenni gargari.

Unprotect Cells

Xaa shae giddo baalante doorantino bisiccora bisiccu gargarooshshe huni.

AutoFormat Styles

Automatically applies formats to the current table, including fonts, shading, and borders.

Kiirote Suudishsha

Opens a dialog where you can specify the format of numbers in the table.

Number Recognition

Toggles the setting for automatically recognizing numbers or dates that you enter into a table cell, converting them from text to an appropriate number format.

Header Rows Repeat Across Pages

Repeat a table heading on each new page that the table spans.

Rows to Break Across Pages

Allows a page break or column break inside a row of the table. This option is not applied to the first row in a table if the Repeat Heading option is selected.


Opens a submenu with the following command options:

Borrotenni Shaenniwa

Fananno hasaawa doorantino borro shaete widira soorrate dandaattowa.

Shatenni Borrote widira

Fananno hasaawa xaa shae borrote widira soorrate dandaattowa.

Text Formula

Afirimalu gaxa afirimala eessate woy muccisate fananno.


Doorantino borgufo woy shaete haawiittimma fidallate offollo garinni woy kiirote ofollo garinni diri. Sase dirate ikkitanno qulfe geeshsha xawisa dandaatto qolteno fidalaante woy kiirote dirrann qulfoota xaadisa dandaatto.


Specifies the properties of the selected table, for example, name, alignment, spacing, column width, borders, and background.

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