By default, LibreOffice moves words that do not fit on a line to the next line. If you want, you can use automatic or manual hyphenation to avoid this behavior.


Hyphenation rules differ between languages. To automatically guess where a word can be hyphenated, you need to have the relevant extension installed. If the rules are missing, an error message or banner will be displayed.
Hyphenation rules are often bundled with dictionaries and installed with LibreOffice depending on the language you picked. If they are missing, you can find relevant extensions by searching for "hyphenation" on the Extensions website.
Learn more about language support on our wiki.

Umiloosaansu Haawiiccisha

Umiloosaansu haawiiccisha borgufote giddo haawiicco hasiissannowa eessanno. Kuni akati borgufote akatiranna mitte mitte borgufralla hee'ranno.

Borro bortajete giddo umiloosaansunni Haawiiccishate

  1. Borgufote giddo qiniite kisse, Borgufo doori.

  2. Borrote lolanke giggishsho kisi.

  3. Haawiiccamino qarqarira, umiloosaansu buuxi saaxine fili.

  4. EeeQiphi Assi.

Bae borgufuwwa giddo umiloo saansunni Borro Haawiicci shate

Mittete alee ikkitino borgufo umiloosaansunni haawiiccisha hai'rittoro, borgufote akata horoonsiiri.

Lawishshaho, "Gadete" borgufo akatira umiloosaansu haawiicci-shate dooro dadeessite, hakkiinni haawiiccisha hasi'ratto borgufora loosansi.

  1. Choose View - Styles, and then click the Paragraph Styles icon.

  2. Haawiiccisha hasi'ratto borgufo akata qiniite kisse, hakkiinni woyyeessi doori.

  3. Borrote Lolanke giggishsho kisi.

  4. Haawiiccishamino qarqarira, Umiloosaansu buuxi saaxine fili.

  5. EeeQiphi Assi.

  6. Haawiiccisha hasi'ratto borgufuwwara akata loosaansi.

Argatenni Haawiiccisha

Xuruuru aana hasi'rattowa haawiiccoeessa dandaatto, woy LibreOfficehaawiiccishantanno qaalla hasona, hakkiinni.

Angatenni Mitticco Qaalla Haawiiccishate

Ranketenni haawiicco eessate qaalu giddo haawiicco eessa hasi'rattowa kisise, hakkiinni xiiwi +Haawiicco(-).

If you insert a manual hyphen in a word, the word is only hyphenated at the manual hyphen. No additional automatic hyphenation is applied for this word. A word with a manual hyphen will be hyphenated without regard to the settings on the Text Flow tab page.

Filishshu Giddo Angatenni Haawiiccisha

  1. Haawiiccisha hasiiratto borro fili.

  2. Uduunnuwwa – Afoo - Haawiiccisha.

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