Kiiboordetenni dirammenna caccafo woyyeessa

seele, dirto woyi shaete giddo noocaccafo eessatto woyite dirtote/caccatote doorshi akatta Ollaaho noo miili aana lellannore kalaqqannoreeti. Lawishshaho haaroo dirtonn caccafo dhaawa dirtonni shaate giddo eesseenna kii borrdetenni loosantino caccafote geeshsha bayichee fajjiro eessa dandaatto.

Qaagishshu Bido

Note that these properties are valid only for changes to the column width that are made using the keyboard. Using the mouse, you are free to make any column width changes.

To set the Behavior of rows/columns options for tables in text documents, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Table. There are three display modes for tables:

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