Borrote she Giddo Caccafonna Diro Geeshsha Soorra

Shaete bisicco hala'linye caccafotenna diru hala'lingenna hajja soorra dandaatto.


You can also distribute rows and columns evenly using the icons on the Optimize Size toolbar on the Table Bar.

Caccafotenna Bisiccote Hala'linye Soorra

Caccafote hala'sinye soorrate

Aane noorini mito assi:


You can specify the behavior for the arrow keys by choosing - LibreOffice Writer - Table, and selecting the options that you want in the Keyboard handling area.

Bisiccote hala'linye soorrat

, hakkinni gurayidi woyi qiniiti worbicho qulte qiphiassi

Dirote seendille soorra

Dirote seendille soorra Dirote seendille soorrate, wirsa dirote bisicco giddo Wori doorsha amadde qulfe hakkiinni ale woyi woro higganno worbicho qiphi assi.

Baala shaeta geeshsha soorra

Shaete hala'linye woyi seendille soorrate konninni aane noohu giddonni mitto assi:


To wrap text to the sides of a table, and to arrange two tables next to another, you must insert the tables into a frame. Click inside the table, press +A twice to select the whole table, then choose Insert - Frame.


Fano bortaje suudishshi giddo wo'mu deerri jajjubba nna hajajubba shae shaete HTML qooli giddo diaamantanno.

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