Kifilla horoonsi'ra

Kifilla bae doogganni horonsi'ra dandaatto borgufonna uduunnuwwa amaddino su'mantino borrote gafaati:

A section contains at least one paragraph. When you select a text and create a section, a paragraph break is automatically inserted at the end of the text.

Borrote bortajenni wole bortaje giddo xaadisaanote gede woyi mitte bortaje giddo kifilla eessa dandaatto. Mitte kifilera albaanni woyi badheenni haaroo borgufo hakka woyitenni eessate kifilete alba woyi badhee kisi.

Qaagishshu Bido

To insert a new paragraph immediately before or after a section, click in front or behind the section, and then press +Eessi.

Kifillanna caccafuwwa

Kifillanna caccafuwwa xanoo kifilera kifilla eessa dandaatto lawishshaho, lame caccafuwwa amadino Kifile mitto caccafo amadino kifilera eessa. dandaatto

Mittu kifile ofollo, lawishshaho caccafuwwate kiirora tiro aamannino qoolu akati qoolu ofollonni balaxanno.

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