Kifilla Muccassa

Bortajekki giddo kifilla noormaale borro widira gargadha maaxanna soorra dandaatto.

  1. Suudishsha - Kifilla doori.

  2. Suudishsha-kifilla doori Kifillate dirto giddo , woyyeessa hasi’ratto kifile kisi dirtote giddo baala kifilla filate +A xiiwanna Shift+kisi Woy +kisi mite ikkitino kifilla doorate dandaatto.

  3. Aane noorini mito assi:

Editing Read-Only Contents

A warning message is displayed if you try to edit protected sections.

To remove protection of a section, do the following:

  1. Choose Format - Sections.

  2. Select the section to unprotect in the Section area of the dialog.

  3. Uncheck the Protect option in the Write Protection area of the dialog.

  4. If the section was protected with a non-empty password, type the password into the dialog that opens.

  5. Click OK .

Kifilla horoonsi'ra

Kifila eessa


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