kiirantino Dirto Giddo kiirishsha woyyeessa

Kirantino dirto giddo borgufotenni kiirishsha hoola dandaatto woy borgufote kiirishsha gaamate.


If you want numbered headings, use the Tools - Chapter Numbering menu command to assign a numbering to a paragraph style. Do not use the Numbering icon on the Formatting toolbar.

Kiirantino dirto giddo kiiro hunate

  1. Kiirishsha huna hasi'ratto gufora aibaanni umi fikiima kisi.

  2. Aane noorini mito assi:

Kirrishshu dinto hanaffanno kiiro hunate

  1. Kiirantino dirto giddo aye dargano kisi.

  2. Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering, and then click the Customize tab.

  3. Enter the number you want the list to start with in the Start at box.

  4. EeeQiphi Assi.

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