Mashalaqisiisanna furcho suwisa

You can apply different paragraph styles, assign hyperlinks to entries, change the layout of indexes, and change the background color of indexes in the Insert Index dialog.

To Apply a Different Paragraph Style to an Index Level

  1. Right-click in the index or table of contents, then choose Edit Index.

  2. Click the Styles tab.

  3. Click an index level in the Levels list.

  4. Click the style that you want to apply in the Paragraph Style list.

  5. Click the assign button <.

  6. EeeQiphi Assi.

To Assign Hyperlinks to Entries in a Table of Contents

Amadote fushaatto giddo xaadishshu maqishsha kubbate gede gaama dandaatto.

  1. Right-click in the table of contents, then choose Edit Index.

  2. Eote taabe qiphi assi.

  3. In the Level list click the index level for which you want to assign hyperlinks.

  4. In the Structure area, click in the box in front of N#, and then click Hyperlink.

  5. E badheenni saaxinete giddo qiphi assite, hakkiinni Kubba qiphi assi.

  6. Repeat for each index level that should use a hyperlink, or click the All button to apply the formatting to all levels.

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