Jeefote Qaagishsha woy Lekkaalli Xawishsha Buuxa

Footnotes reference more information about a topic at the bottom of a page and endnotes reference information at the end of the document. LibreOffice automatically numbers the footnotes and endnotes.

Lekkaallo qaagishsha wo jeefote xawishsha eessate

  1. Qaagishshu dagacho worate hasi'rattowa bortajekki giddo kisi.

  2. Eessi - Lekkaallo xawishsha/jeefote xawishshadoori.

  3. Kiirishshu qarqara eessi horonsi'ra hasi'ratto suude fili - Fikiima, filittoro, soroowi ilka kisi(...)ka'e. Lekkaallo xawishshira horonsi'ra hasi'ratto fikiima borreessi.

  4. Qarqari giddo doori Lekkaallo xawishsha woy Jeefote qaagishsha doori.

  5. EeeQiphi Assi.

  6. Qaagishsha borreessi.


Eessi uduunni gaxi aana lekkaallo xawishsha eessi hajajo kisatenni lekkaallo xawishshano Eessa dandaatto.

Insert Endnote Icon

You can insert endnotes directly by clicking the Insert Endnote icon on the Standard or Insert toolbar or choose Insert - Footnote and Endnote - Endnote.

Lekkaalli qaagishsha wo jeefote qaagishsha mucciassate


Shortcut keys can be made to insert, edit, and navigate to footnotes and endnotes. Choose Tools - Customize - Keyboard tab and enter note in the Functions box to see possibilities.

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