Barete Daotira

Barrubba bortajete giddo xaabara, baatla qoolu kiiro barra soorate horoonsi'nanni, Barrubba la'a Barrubba barate su'manna burrete amado amadino.

Barrubba Lleelisha

Fields consist of a field name and the field content. To switch the field display between the field name or the field content, choose View - Field Names.

To display or hide field highlighting in a document, choose View - Field Shadings. To permanently disable this feature, choose - LibreOffice - Application Colors, and clear the check box in front of Field shadings.

To change the color of field shadings, choose - LibreOffice - Application Colors, locate the Field shadings option, and then select a different color in the Color setting box.

Barete jajjubba

Rooru barete akkati boritajete giddo, data beesete barre, kuusonna sooramaancho harnya amaddano.

Ante no baraakati bare kiphi assato wote assoote loosanno:

Barete akata


Buse amadaancho

Opens a dialog to insert the object corresponding to the placeholder, except for text placeholders. For text placeholders, click on the placeholder and type over it.

Farciraancho eessi

Ajote kumisaancho farciraanchu widiramilli assi.

Akeeku koode maakiro

Akeeku koodubba maakiro.

E'ote illachishaancho bare

Barete amado muccishate

Barre yanneesa

Bortajete giddo baala bare yanneesatem F9 qiphi assi, woy muccissi Doori -Baaba fili hakiin F9 qiphi assi

Daata beezete wiini eesinooni bare yanneesate, barre fili, hakiini F9 kiphi assi.

Qaagishshu Bido

Placeholders are not updated.

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