Borrote bortajubba giddo shallaga

Shallago Borrote bortaje giddo woy borrote shae giddo eessa dandaatto shallago.

  1. eessa hasi'ratto bortaje giddo qiphi assites hakkiinni F2 xiiwi shaete bisicco giddo noottoha ikkiro, taalooshshu Malaate = tayippe assi.

  2. Eessate hasi'ratto shallago tayippe assi, lawishshaho, =10000/12, nna hakkinni Eessi xiiwi.

You can also click the Formula icon on the Formula Bar, and then choose a function for your formula.


To reference cells in a Writer text table, enclose the cell address or the cell range in angle brackets. For example, to reference cell A1 from another cell, enter =<A1> into the cell.

Cell Entries that Start with Equal Sign (=)

To make a table cell entry that starts with = sign, first enter a space, then the = sign, and then delete the space.

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