Automatic Check Spelling

LibreOffice can automatically check spelling while you type and underline possible misspelled words with a red wavy line.

Boreesato wote fidale umiloosanchini taashate

  1. Choose Tools - Automatic Spell Checking.

  2. Right-click a word with a red wavy underline, and then choose a suggested replacement word from the list, or from the AutoCorrect submenu.

If you choose a word from the AutoCorrect submenu, the underlined word and the replacement word are automatically added to the AutoCorrect list for the current language. To view the AutoCorrect list, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, and then click the Replace tab.

Ledda dooratenni xuruuramino qaale woyyete dikishinera surka dandaato.

Qaalla fiddalishu buuxxoni baddate

  1. Bada hasirato qaalla fili.

  2. Garru bare giddo Afuu qorqorsha fani, mayiino fanate.

  3. Choose "None (Do not check spelling)".

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