Uduunni gaxu xiyyubbate surkammera babbaxino assiishshubba, giraafichuwa, shaubba, nna wole uduunne amadino.

Aantanno assiishshubba doora dandaatto:


Inserts a table into the document. You can also click the arrow, drag to select the number of rows and columns to include in the table, and then click in the last cell.

Icon Insert Table

Insert Table


Inserts a text section at the cursor position in the document. You can also select a block of text and then choose this command to create a section. You can use sections to insert blocks of text from other documents, to apply custom column layouts, or to protect or to hide blocks of text if a condition is met.

Icon Section


Xiyyo Angatenni Surki

Bortajete giddo goshooshattowa xiyyo misilsi. Xiyyote caccafote kiiro doorate worbicho bidotenni aante kiphisi.

Icon Insert Frame

Insert Frame

Xiyyote womme

Inserts a floating frame into the current document. Floating frames are used in HTML documents to display the contents of another file.

Icon Floating frame

Woma Xiyyo

Lekkaalli Qaagishsha Suwino garinni Surki

Inserts a footnote or an endnote in the document. The anchor for the note is inserted at the current cursor position. You can choose between automatic numbering or a custom symbol.

Icon Insert Footnote Directly

Noo gedeenni Lekkaalli qaagishsha surki

Gofimarchu Qaagishsha Suwino garinni Surki

Footnotes are inserted at the end of a page, and endnotes are inserted at the end of a document.

Icon Insert Endnote Directly

Insert Endnote Directly


Qaagishsha xaa wirrisi darga surkanno.


Inserts a bookmark at the cursor position. You can then use the Navigator to quickly jump to the marked location at a later time. In an HTML document, bookmarks are converted to anchors that you can jump to from a hyperlink.

Icon Insert Bookmark

Insert Bookmark


Inserts the contents of another document into the current document at the cursor position.

Icon Text from File

Text from File


.AutoText Kalaqi, muccisi, woy surki. Suudisantino borro, borro giraafishshu ledo, shaenna bare AutoText gede assite kuusa dandaatto. AutoText rahe surkate, bortajekki giddo AutoTextera muraasa attami,aantete F3 xiiwi.

Baxxino Fikiima

Allows a user to insert characters from the range of symbols found in the installed fonts.

Icon Special character

Addi Fikiima

Barubba Surki

Bare xaa wirrisi darga surkanno.


Bare Surki


Karsado forme kalaqate hasiratto uduunninni qorqorshu bido uduunnigaxa fantanno.

Icon Select

Qorqorshuwa kalaqanno


Opens a file selection dialog to insert an image into the current document.

Icon Image


Audio or Video

Inserts a video or audio file into your document.

Icon Media

Media / Audio or Video


Formula Object

Inserts a formula into the current document.

Icon Insert Formula Object

Insert Formula Object


Icon Chart


OLE Uduunnicho

Insert OLE Object

Inserts an OLE object into the current document. The OLE object is inserted as a link or an embedded object.

Icon OLE object

OLE Udiine

Mashalaqqisaancho Surki

Mashalaqisaanchu woy shaete amadubba xaa wirrisi darga surkanno.


Marks the selected text as index or table of contents entry or edits the selected index entry.

Icon Insert Index Entry

Insert Index Entry

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