Load Styles

Imports formatting styles from another document or template into the current document.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Styles - Load Styles

In the Styles window. Click the Styles action icon on the top right of the Styles window and keep the mouse button pressed. Choose Load Styles from the submenu.

Different ways to open Styles window:

  • Press

  • Choose View - Styles

  • Choose Styles - Manage Styles


Afantinota qixaawa borro fuula diri. Hakko fuula Qixxaawa borro dirto giddo amadosi la"ate fuula hakkonne qiphisi.

Qixxaawa borro

Afantinota qixxaawa borro dooramino fuulira diri


Doorantino bortaje giddonni borgufonna fikiimu akata xaa bortaje giddo hogowi.


Doorantino bortaje giddonni xiyyote akata xaa bortaje giddo hogowi.


Doorantino bortaje giddonni qoolu akata xaa bortaje giddo hogowi.

Kiiro soma

Doorantino bortaje giddonni kiiro sommanni akata xaa bortaje giddo hogowi.

Hunte wori

Replaces styles in the current document that have the same name as the styles you are loading. No warning message is given.


Only applied styles and modified styles are loaded from a document or template. The styles shown in the sidebar cannot be used as a guide.

From File

Hogowate hasiratto akata amaddino fayileleellishi, aanchiteno Faniyaannoha qiphisi.

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