Automatically formats a document or a selection according to the options set in the AutoCorrect Options tab.

To select options, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, click the Options tab, then select options in the [M] column to be applied when the Apply command is chosen.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - Apply.

Bixxilluwate/ Kiiro somate umisinni taashsha

Bixxilluwate dirto kalaqate, haawiico bicamme (-), beeddakkote malaati (*), woy ledishshu malaati (+), orgufote hanafora harunse foonqe woy giggishshu daanno

Kiiro afidhino dirto kalaqate,uurrishshu malaati (.) harunse daanno kiiro borreessi, hakkiinni aane borgufote hanafora fanu bayichi woy giggishshu daanno assi.


Automatic numbering is only applied to paragraphs formatted with the “Default Paragraph Style”, “Body Text”, or “Body Text, Indented” paragraph styles.

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