While Typing

Automatically formats the document while you type. To set the formatting options, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - Options, and then click the Options tab.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - While Typing.

Borrote bortajenna suudi cufo ASCII borro fayile suudisate AutoCorrect horoonsira dandaatto,angatenni suudisootto fikiima kayinni didandaatto. Umi-loosaasincho qaali goofannohu hakko qaale bortajete giddo layinkimeeshsho attamoottoha ikkiro callaati.


Saiha AutoCorrect assoote galchate , Muccisi - Gaabbidoori.

When you apply automatic formats, the following rules apply:

AutoCorrect for Headings

A paragraph is formatted as a heading when the following conditions are met:

  1. paragraph begins with a capital letter

  2. paragraph does not end with a punctuation mark

  3. empty paragraph above and below the paragraph

AutoCorrect for Separator Lines

If you type three or more hyphens (---) or certain other characters in a row and then press Enter, the paragraph is replaced by a horizontal line as wide as the page. The line is actually the lower border of the preceding paragraph. The bottom padding of such a paragraph will be set to 0.75 mm. The following rules apply:

  1. Three hyphens (-) yield a single line (0.05 pt thick).

  2. Three underscores (_) yield a single line (0.75 pt thick).

  3. Three equal signs (=) yield a thin double line (0.75 pt thick).

  4. Three asterisk signs (*) yield a thick/thin double line (2.25 pt thick).

  5. Three tilde signs (~) yield a thin/thick double line (2.25 pt thick).

  6. Three hash signs (#) yield a medium double line (1.5 pt thick).

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