Bayichonko fayile Uduuunni - UmikkinniTaashshi Doorshihundaanni qineessootto garinni suudisi.

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Choose Tools - AutoCorrect.

While Typing

Automatically formats the document while you type. To set the formatting options, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - Options, and then click the Options tab.


Automatically formats a document or a selection according to the options set in the AutoCorrect Options tab.

To select options, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, click the Options tab, then select options in the [M] column to be applied when the Apply command is chosen.

Soorro Loosiisatenna Muccisate

Automatically formats the file according to the options that you set under Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options. In a dialog, you are asked to accept or reject the changes.

UmikkinniTaashshi Doorsha

UmikkinniTaashshi hasaawa fani.

Umikkinni Suudeessi Shaette hasaawa fanate, shaete bisicco giddo qiphisi, aanchiteno Shae - Umikkinni Suudeessidoori.

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