Haawiittaamma xuruurrata hojja qineessi, woy doori, surki, hattonni hawiittaamma huni.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

In the context menu of a cell, choose Row.

Row Height

Changes the height of the selected row(s).

Optimal Row Height

Set row height for selected table rows so that each row has the same height as the row with the tallest content.

Distribute Rows Evenly

Adjust the height of the selected rows to match the height of the tallest row in the selection.


Wirsa amadino haawiittimma doori.


Inserts a row or column into the table. This command is only available when the cursor is in a table.


Shaete giddonni doorantino haawiittimma xuruura(rra) huni.

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